Poetry To The Goddess


Robert Graves in his masterpiece of poetic development, The White Goddess, convincingly concludes that the "true poetic theme" is the invocation of the Goddess or Muse. Being a little too literal in my opinion, this however pretty well states the underlying theme of the work before you.

Initially, I did not set out to achieve any such thing. These poems represent a journey in consciousness, an evolution in concepts and associations that rather than having their beginnings in the sophisticated literary mind, were born somewhere outside that frame work entirely. They are but echoes and shadows of events that broke into my life and moved me in directions that I had never consciously thought of.

The following then, are my attempts to capture the power and perceptions of some of these numinous encounters, that still remain to some extent an inspiration for my work today.

Roderick W. Marling


Genesis Eternal


Down into the depths

Where dreams and thoughts

Come alive and live

In glowing light,

And speak of ancient secrets

Forgotten long ago in caves,

Humans once called home.

Out from the darkness

A vision of beauty:

Hair flying like chaos,

Eyes flashing with enchantment,

Breasts heavy with ambrosia,

Exuding rich perfume of passion.

I approached through my dream

As if through a door,

And whispered,

Let us lie down

And make the flowers and the trees,

And the seasons once more.


Yes we knew where we were

And we knew what to do,

And we knew that great bliss

That dances and runs through,

All things that have ever come to be.

Riding orgasmic waves,

Realities spun out

Into colossal tapestries,

Woven with the threads

Of time and space -

A living kaleidoscope

Revolving, desire's flaming core

Merging and melting forever,

Forever coming -

Together once more.

The Earth and the Sky,

The Sun and the Moon,

The Wind and the Water,

Every cell,

Every atom,

Expanding galaxies of Consciousness

Celebrating, and singing

Us songs of our Divinity,

In an unending exaltation of Joy.



Sitting upon their smoldering

Sacrificial alters,

The old stern gods

Got up and left.

Grumbling in their beards

They struck out for other domains

More suitable to their rigorous

Regimes of righteousness.



The Dying Patriarchy


The Snake:

The mysterious and all knowing

Unconscious Mind of Creaturehood;

Rose up and whispered to Her.

She who is called EVE -

"Mother of All Living"

The Right Hemisphere

Of the Cognitive Whole.

And She offered the Fruit:

A New Direction

A Freedom of Choice

The Power of Self-Direction

To Her loving mate ADAM:

The Left Hemisphere

The Awakening One

In a New World

Of unbounded choices

To Create or Destroy.

For He took the Fruit and ate:

He felt the power to decide.

He made the choice to choose

And knew Himself inside

To be unique and individual . . .

Then turned aside

And walked the Earth alone.



After long millennia

Of following a trail of triumph and blood,

She has finally found Him,

Crouched in a corner

Crying and afraid

Holding a knife to His veins.

"Yes", She says,

"Yes My Love you have the power to choose,

And now the choice to live or die,

But why choose death My lonely lover,

When We Can Choose -

To Live Together.


Regina Coloreum

The lilies were blooming

On the banks of the Arno

And the hills of Tuscany

Were all green once again,

When She stepped on the shores

Of the hearts that were yearning

For grace in the world

And peace among men.

She played in the gardens of Medici

Where things that She touched became gold,

And a trail of rose blossoms

Followed Her foot steps,

As She walked through the streets

Naked and bold.

It was a Springtime that lasted

For sixty long years,

And the wondering world called it "Rebirth".

But then, came a screeching

And a howling in their ears

And the roses,

Faded from the garden green Earth.

Jehovah swept down from his

Smoke-shrouded mountain,

Shouting and pounding the tablets

He threw down at Her feet.

And so, as in Athens, Akkad and in Egypt,

Not a harsh word or untimely delay,

She lifted Her head

And went



Away . . .


Now the tulips are blooming

On the banks of the Columbia,

And the hills of the Cascades

Are all green once again.



The Muses


I, Son of Thunder

Lover of the Morning Star

King of the Oak Wood,

The Holy Women of Heaven

Gathered around my bed and stood,

And sang me songs

The whole night through.

Deep from the dripping valley

I arose with the dawn,

Crowned with red, glowing glory,

And their singing still ringing

In the hills full of black birds

And the waves that came crashing

To the shore.

I awoke in a dream

That flows through a stream of galaxies,

And in my hands

I hold the clay,

With which to form,

My Own Realities.



Queen of The Night


Breath of the Eucalyptus

Hangs heavy in the air.

Bright Luna comes riding

With long flowing hair,

Whispering with the South wind

To the centaur so fair:

All Love and all Pleasures

Are signs and a measure,

Of My Tender Care.



She Came With The Dawn


Rising from my meditation

With the new morning sun.

Breathing deep of the cool blueness,

I relaxed into a long urination -

Splashing on the sun baked earth.

And as the stream was slowly fading,

All at once I

Detected something strange,

Another splashing sound

Upon the ground not very far away.

And there she was, a deer

As beautiful as the dawn.

Her brown back turned to me

Slightly, so politely squatting,

Her stream still splashing.

And looking back over

One shoulder at me,

Were the most sensuous eyes,

That seemed to hypnotize

With a primal invitation.

Her eyes,

Her dark and mysterious eyes,

Reached down

Deep into my groin,

Where my cells heard her secrets,

That spoke to my maleness -

Spanning the streams

Of our species.



Lady of the Wild Things


Let me drink of Your waters

That flow from Your spring,

And ride Your mare's back

To take me and bring,

All the tree's secrets

That are whispering low,

To the winds in Your hair

That speak as they blow.

Let me fly with blue wings

To Your moon dripping blood,

And swim Your dark seas

To Your bliss bearing flood

Of all the Earth's passions

That are whispering low,

To the winds in Your hair

That speak as they blow.

Let me play in Your darkness

That fills Your deep caves,

And dance in the fires

That are lit at the raves -

Of all the Earth's children

That are whispering low

To the winds in Your hair

That speak as they blow.



For times out of mind

The tribes have gathered

In the desert at Smokiam,

The place of healing waters.

I came fasting to its shore

Seeking unclouded vision.

In the evening of the second day

The wind came out of the West,

Waves and white foam came

Lapping at my feet.

Wind and waves and

The minerals of the sea

Came singing to my cells:

"Are you so caught up

In your sky-gods,

That you've forgotten

Our children?"



The Renunciation of Unhappiness


I am Saved,

Saved from the false assumption

Of the "lost".

I am Liberated,

Free from the illusion

Of bondage.

I am Whole -

Healed from the disease

Of separation.





I rise with the sun

And run through the fields.

I sing with the birds

And dance with the deer.

I feel the strength of the sea

And the madness of the moon.

And I know

Above and beyond all things,

I will live forever -

And ever.






Free-flowing dreams

Streaming out from ancient caves:

A running story

Like a leopard leaping

Fallen trees of time,

Comes to rest at the feet of Beauty. . .

Village girls blossoming on the banks

Exuding heavy sent of ripeness,

Eyes flashing like butterfly wings

Riding the wind over forests

Concealing the most magical

Delight and fulfillment.



The King of Portlandia’s Lament


Oh Maidens

And Ladies and Women of gray,

It is time now,

It's time to put away

All those nightmares of high gibberish

There in your books,

And feel in your hearts

The beating of Her drums

And the flaming hot passion

Streaming through Her looks.

The chanting circle's forming once again.

Standing in Her nakedness now, as then,

Moving high the Moon

Across the shining sea,

Her ancient, long forgotten melody,

Spinning out the secret spells of Spring -

Singing, down through your million cells

Celebrating bring:

The mystery of your body.

The magic of your sex.

The miracle of your love.

The metamorphosis of a world.


High born Priestess of Her Ancient Ways,

Oh noble one born of the sea,

From the depths of my winter

I'm calling,

I'm crying to Thee:


Come into my darkness,

Come into my night.

Come into my empty rooms

With the doors all shut so tight.

Open wide,

And let the stream

Of resurrecting love -

Flow through your embrace,

And chant

Your passion's magic spells -

With kisses,

Upon this lonely,

Tear stained face.





Oh come to Her temples

All you who are thirsty;

Come to Her breasts

That forever are full.

Drink deep of Her sweetness

As long as you like,

Take comfort in Her darkness

And strength in Her light.

Whispering Her secrets

To the winds as they blow,

Remember those dreams

You dreamed long ago.

They came as a lover

To take you and show,

The mystery and magic

That hid in the night,

When you slept in Her caves

And played in Her light.

Open your eyes

To the strength of Her trees,

That spoke when you crawled

On your hands and your knees.

Before you could read,

Before you had laws,

The church was in their branches

The scriptures in their leaves.



Ode To Lakshmi


Lift up

Heavy heads

As She comes in the morning.


To the birds,

Her praises they are singing.


Look out through your windows,

Her pastures are all growing.

She walks with the cows

In the fields,

Her utters are all flowing.

Go now

To the maiden,

In the temple She is waiting.

Lonely hearts of the cold nights,

To Her breast

She is holding.



Ishtar Gita


I come from the silence

As a word spoken in the dark,

I come from the stillness

As a breath blown

Through the tunnels of time and space.

All those who listen in the night

For My voice,

Shall feel My breath

Upon their face,

And hear My song

Filling their heart with gladness.

My temple is resurrected in your cells,

And My sacred rituals are enacted

Through your genitals.

But the world has closed their ears

To My songs,

And closed up My temples,

And let the flame of My alters

Grow cold.

For they think My temples profane,

And My rituals obscene.

They've all forgotten

How they came to Life's banquet,

And what a miracle

Their children truly are.

If you can not honor Me,

It is because you no longer

Honor yourself.


I am the Eternal Mother,

Through Me

Life flows like a great river

Poured out into all

That you experience.

For I am Life,

And Life is what I am.

Infinite, Eternal

Yet always Changing -

Always New.

A kaleidoscope of realities

Infinitely expanding

Through My endless


What is time in My Eternity?

What is space in My Infinity?

What is determined in My Spontaneity?

What is death in My Immortality?

What is absolute in My Creativity?

Look upon My Beauty,

That shines in the sunlight

And the moonlight,

And come to Me

As your hidden lover,

Waiting for you

Before you were born.

I, the Mother of desire,

Desires you as the lover

Desires the beloved.

If you can not love your body,

How can you hope to love Me,

Who loves every part of you,

Who is every part of who you are.


Creativity is the medium

Of My Expression.

It is through which

I speak My Love,

The Love

That is the Heart

Of All Existence,

Blossoming with infinite petals

Of multi-dimensional realities.

I am The Great Chaos,

That precedes the small spark

Of your rationality;

The Wild Ocean of Consciousness,

Breaking as waves of Inspiration

Upon the Shores

Of the human mind.

Before your first word,

I listened to your singing heart,

That arose in the sunlight

Of My Creative Joy.

In Me,

You have always had your life,

And in Me,

You will always live.

For My name is Existence,

And outside of Me

Nothing else exists.



Ode To Freya


His blood was upon the leaves,

And the air pierced

With the cries of the flicker,

When I went to sit

Upon the lamb skin

Under the oak wood.

All the black birds were

Now singing to me,

And the black berries were

Offering their fruit at my feet.

The sunshine of baptism

Came blazing over my head,

And I fell to the ground,

Returning my heart

To Your fragrant Earth bed.



Ode To Ishtar


On a magical beast

Coming out of the sea,

She rides as a Queen

Singing only to me.

Let me kiss You

And hold You close to my heart,

For the world has ignored You

Despised You and torn You apart.

Holy Whore of Babylon

Who sings with the sea,

Comes out of Her hiding -

Comes riding with me.

Holy Whore of Babylon

Who sings with the sea,

Comes out of Her hiding -

Comes riding with me.



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